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The Vibra Slim Light was designed to work, and work well!

We know there are many systems on the market and that is why we feature the Vibra Slim Light Body Contouring system we feel works the best. No other system uses so many diodes which will cover you better during your service, no other system uses Infared diodes along with the 635 nM diodes to achieve your best results. Simple, easy, get rid of stubborn fat in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.

The Vibra Slim Light can operate up to three pads at once, in any combination for your best coverage during your treatment. There is a pad design for the mid-section and two pads that work for legs or thighs. The Vibra Slim Light pads are completely flexible in any direction for comfort and safety. There are also facial pads for acne and anti-aging for optional treatments.

Your Body Countouring session treatment setup is a breeze, we will just wrap the desired pad around the area to be treated and run your session for 10 minutes. A soothing Vibrational massage will play as during your session that is specifically designed to help breakdown the fat cell content and aid the bodys systems to dispose of those contents.

The Vibra Slim Light offers the most power out there to achieve the results you are looking for in quick, easy and painless 10 minute sessions.They do not get hot so stop and do a session on the way to the store if needed and feel comfortable you will be ready to go after your session

The Vibra Slim Light pads are the only pad with a protective clear sanitary covers for better hygiene and your ease of mind!

The best way to lose inches

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System Specifications

  • Power Input: 110 VAC
  • Power Output: 12 VDC
  • LED Output: 80 Milliwatts per diode
  • Number of Diodes: 339 Diodes per treatment pad
  • System total output: 81.36 watts total three pads output
  • Size of Treatment Pads: One 43" x 12" and Two 41" x 10"
  • Unit Dimensions: 5.12" wide x 7.09" deep x 4.5" tall
  • Controller: Portable free standing with timer and cart to hold controller and pads