Questions & Answers

What exactly is 635nm diode technology?

The term 635nm refers to the specific wavelength the diode produces.

What is difference between a laser and LED 635nM devices?

There are many 635nm devices on the market and some are FDA approved and generally use lasers over LED 635nm light. These system must be administered by a physician or medical technician. This makes operating them very expensive. A LED 635nM can be operated by a non-medical technician as there is no risk to injury to the tissue. Both LED and Laser 635nM light deliver the same effects to the tissue and has been proven by Dr.Tiina Karu, of the Academician of Russian Academy of Laser Science. Dr Karu was able to show both types of light became diffused upon entering the dermis. The light was diffused to the point where there was no negligible difference between the two types of light when it reached the subcutaneous fat cells (fat cells below the surface of the skin).

What does a Vibra Slim Light treatment feel like?

Between the treatment pads and the vibrational massage, they feel amazing. The setup is a breeze which your client will appreciate, simple wrap or place the pads over the areas to be treated and hit start. A slight warming process will take place and a relaxing vibrational massage will start. Your client and rest or even take a quick nap during their session.

What type of results can you expect?

Vibra Slim Light recommends a 10-15 session treatment protocol. These can be given every 2-3 days and should be on a regular basis until complete. The client should be trained in a proper diet and exercise program for the best results. Clients can report as much as a 2-4 inch lose in their waistline upon a completed series. Should your client wish to continue, simply resell them a new package and they can get started.

How long will their results last?

As long as your client’s life includes a healthy diet and regular exercise their results can be long term. They must know with a poor diet and no exercise their results may not last long.

Who may use the Vibra Slim Light?

The Vibra Slim Light system is safe for all skin types and colors. Pregnant mothers are not recommended to use the system while pregnant. If there is any question have them consult their physician.

Can all areas of the body be treated?

YES, all areas of the body can be treated. We offer specialty size pads for treating specific areas of the body.

Is the system successful on obese patients?

YES, however they will require a longer series or multiple series to see results. They will benefit from the sessions and with proper diet and exercise they too will see results that make them happy.

Is the Vibra Slim Light safe?

The system is very safe, painless, no risks and now post-surgery downtime. Your patient can use before work or even an day shopping with zero discomforts. Your clients will be totally satisfied.

Is FDA approval needed for a 635nM device?

The answer is NO. A device of this type has been determined to be safe and FDA does not get involved with the approval or disapproval of these devices. Because we make no claims to improving a person’s health or change their tissue we are not required to have an FDA approval. Most systems on the market with this technology do not have an FDA approval, those that do are very expensive. Great success has been experienced around the world with this technology.